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Gadolinium Clearance Times for 135 Contrast MRI Cases Final V1-1

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Gadolinium Clearance Times for 135 Contrast MRI Cases Final V1-1

Hubbs Grimm and Sharon Williams

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As a follow-up to our previous papers on retained gadolinium from contrast MRIs and its chronic effects in people with normal renal function, we report gadolinium clearance times by agent for the first time. Gadolinium-based contrast agents are administered for contrast-enhanced MRIs and MRAs.

Of the 135 cases being reported on, 63 are unconfounded regarding the agent received, allowing us to present urinary gadolinium levels from 24-hour urine collections, in both table and graphic form, for each of the linear and macrocyclic contrast agents: Dotarem, Gadavist, Magnevist, MultiHance, Omniscan, OptiMARK, and ProHance. We believe this is the largest publicly available collection of urinary gadolinium test results.

The intent of this paper is simply to provide the evidence that, at least in our Gadolinium Toxicity Support Group, gadolinium from all agents remains in the body longer than most medical practitioners and governing authorities expect. Based on what has been published about gadolinium’s toxic effects, prolonged retention appears to be the likely cause of patients’ new and unexplained symptoms following contrast MRIs.

The complete set of test results, without any data that would identify patients, is available to other researchers upon request.

The authors of this report are gadolinium toxic, participate in the Gadolinium Toxicity Support Group, and are solely responsible for the content of this report.

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