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Study finds association between high signal intensity in the brain and linear gadolinium-based contrast agents

In January of 2015, another study by Kanda et al was published online ahead of print in Radiology.  The study, High Signal Intensity in Dentate Nucleus on Unenhanced T1-weighted MR Images: Association with Linear versus Macrocyclic Gadolinium Chelate Administration, evaluated MR images of 127 patients who had undergone contrast-enhanced brain MRIs at their institution in Japan.  The images of nine patients (7.1%) showed hyperintensity in the Dentate Nucleus (DN) on unenhanced T1-weighted MR images – none of the patients had severe renal disease.  Of those nine patients, 7 received only linear GBCA and 2 received both a linear and macrocyclic GBCA.  The contrast agents were Magnevist and ProHance.  After thorough analysis, the authors concluded that hyperintensity in the DN on unenhanced-T1 weighted MR images was associated with previous administration of the linear GBCA, but not with the macrocyclic GBCA. (more…)

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