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Help described here is intended for people who are, or suspect they are Gadolinium Toxic.  It will also be useful for family members.  Please understand that we are not medical professionals, and the information provided here should not be considered medical advice.  We suggest that you gather as much information as you can find from a variety of sources and then consult with your doctor or other medical professional when making decisions about your care.

Other than this website and the MRI-Gadolinium Toxicity Support Group, help for those who suspect they have symptoms of Gadolinium Toxicity will be hard to find.  It is not recognized as a medical condition and it is believed that patients with normal kidney function do not retain Gadolinium.  Because of that, there are no established tests to help you better understand your level of toxicity and no treatments have been identified and proven successful.  We will attempt to fill you in with the information we have gathered from medical research literature, our own research, the MRI-Gadolinium Toxicity Support Group, and our own personal experiences.

We suggest that before exploring these Help pages, you read the four documents found in Our Research, as they will give you some of the background information you need.

We have separated the information in this section onto individual web pages that will help you understand more about the following:

You may also find helpful information in our Viewpoints section, where those of us who have experience with Gadolinium Toxicity offer our thoughts and ideas on a variety of related topics.

Finally, if you want to have an interactive experience with other afflicted persons, we suggest that you apply for membership in the MRI-Gadolinium Toxicity Support Group.


  1. Sue says:

    I recently tested positive (.3) for gadolinium from the Mayo Clinic Lab 27 months after last MRI with GBCA. Is chelation treatment effective this far out from last exposure date?
    I realize results vary patient to patient. Thank you for providing a platform of info that helped me pursue testing.

    • Hubbs G says:

      Even at your level of unprovoked results and 27 months following your last contrast, IV EDTA or DTPA chelation will remove more gadolinium in 24 hours than without the chelation. From other results we have seen, you might excrete somewhere between 3 and 9 mcg Gd/24hr that day. But just excreting more a single day is not usually viewed as being effective. If you are looking to get rid of all the gadolinium in your body, we have only one case out of more than a hundred where they may have gotten to where another chelation did not produce positive results, indicating that there was still more in the body. If you are looking to get rid of symptoms or reverse damage that has been done by the gadolinium, the outlook is also bleak. While many have tried various forms of chelation, getting to be symptoms-free is exceedingly rare, unfortunately. But we are not medical professionals and we do not give medical advice. Everyone’s body is different and you may react differently to chelation. We just relate what we have seen in others.

  2. Kim Gremo says:

    I’ve been horrifically sick for years. After each MRI my symptoms got worse. Trying 2 get a diagnosis I was sent for over 35 MRI’S thru the years. My 1st heavy metal test was done in 2009. My antimony, tin, lead & gadolinium were so high. I was told u just had an MRI the gadolinium will leave u r system, it’s not harmful. With no source 4 the other high metal my Md’s said the tests were wrong & continued looking 4 a diagnosis & did more MRI’s. In 2013, forgein metal bodies were found in my ankle area & I was sent 4 more heavy metal tests. Again the results were the same as in 09′ & I was told the gadolinium will leave u r body. Having more heavy metal tests done last month, again same results but this time I haven’t had an MRI in over a year. No doubt this gadolinium has not left my body & has caused my symptoms 2 b 100x’s worse. Over the years I have gotten lesions in my kidney, liver & brain.MS, Lyme have been ruled out. Could this be deposits of gadolinium? Did the gadolinium cause the lesions? Who can answer these questions? Most of my Md’s r still saying gadolinium can’t harm u.

    • Hubbs G says:

      We have no way of knowing whether your symptoms were caused by gadolinium. We are not medical professionals. We believe that we have symptoms caused by gadolinium from contrast MRIs. As to whether gadolinium could have caused your symptoms, we suggest that you read more in the Help Section about symptoms and testing, as we have put what we know there. For your doctors, we suggest that you go to the Research section of the website and to the Our Research page. You will find four papers that we have written based on doing research of the medical literature and surveys and test results from people in our Support Group. These describe the evidence that we have seen of the effects of gadolinium retention. You might print out one or more of these papers and share them with you doctor so that they can be updated. You could also tell your doctor that our papers have been references in published papers on this topic.

      We wish you the best.

  3. Mary Roeder says:

    Why won’t Medicare pay for chelation therapy for gadolinium toxicity when they paid for the MRI gadolinium contrast test that made me toxic and sick?? My level is a 15. I am so debilitated. I tried chelation therapy a few times with an alternative, complimentary physician and it was helping tremendously. I had to stop because I couldn’t afford ongoing treatment.

    • Sharon W says:

      I am sorry to hear that retained gadolinium has made you so sick. Unfortunately, there isn’t any gadolinium-related diagnosis for patients with normal kidney function so insurance companies and Medicare are not aware that patients like us even exist. For the most part, no one’s insurance will pay for chelation therapy especially not to remove gadolinium. I don’t know how long ago your last dose of contrast was, but a gadolinium level of 15 is very high. If you haven’t already done it, you need to file an Adverse Event Report with the FDA through its MedWatch program. If you aren’t able to do it, your doctor can file a report.

  4. Dawn Walton says:

    I had my first urine test for heavy metals over 5 years after my last MRI with contrast. Dr. Terry Grossman had a 24-hour provoked test run and sent to Genova Diagnostics. Genova’s reference range is <=0.019 mcg/g Creatinine. My level for this test was 4.892.
    I'm don't have the classic NSF skin involvement, but do have most of the other symptoms and I want to file suit against those responsible for my condition, and that of so many others who haven't the resources to fight the system.
    Can you help me, or connect me to someone who can?

    • Duke G says:

      Dawn, we do not discuss individual people’s situation in the Comment features of the web site. Using the contact us feature or joining the Yahoo support group will work better for you.


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