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March 10, 2017 - European group recommends to stop using 4 linear GBCAs Read all about it.

February 27, 2017 - New Study Reports Gadolinium Retention in 70 Cases with Normal Kidney Function. Read all about it.

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Help Fund a Gadolinium Toxicity Researcher

The Berkeley Labs Foundation is raising $120,000 for a full-time researcher who will be dedicated to understanding and treating gadolinium toxicity.

I hope you will consider making a tax-deductible donation and sharing this information with your family, friends, and doctors too.

You can find out about the fundraising effort here:  Gadolinium Toxicity is the entry to the far-right and the “Donate” button is above it.

On behalf of affected patients around the world, thank you for donating!  No amount is too small to give.

Sharon Williams seen on the Today Show

These images of the Today Show live TV from Cleveland on 7/20/2016, and other similar images, have been shared via various electronic media.  The signs being held include the URL for this website, and because of that, some might assume that we were either the people holding the signs or that we agreed with the way the message was being conveyed.  Both assumptions would be incorrect.TodayShow2

We respect the right of each person who has been affected by retained gadolinium to protest and bring attention to the issue of gadolinium retention.  However, as the content of our website shows, our approach to getting the word out about gadolinium toxicity is very different.

Nonetheless, retention of toxic gadolinium from MRI contrast agents is an established fact.  However, there has been little effort to understand the acute and chronic symptoms being experienced by people who have retained gadolinium.  So it is it not surprising that an affected patient felt she had to make signs shaped like a tombstone to bring attention to safety concerns involving gadolinium-based contrast agents used for MRIs.

We believe the FDA needs to take meaningful action regarding the issue of gadolinium retention.  We are hopeful that MRI contrast agent safety will get the attention it deserves before more unsuspecting patients are adversely affected by the toxic effects of retained gadolinium.

Sharon Williams and Hubbs Grimm

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