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Evidence of Gadolinium in Thyroid Tissue from a Patient with Normal Kidney Function

An Editorial – On April 8, 2015, I received the results from testing of my thyroid tissue for gadolinium.  As I expected, gadolinium (Gd) was found.  I do not know if the results will ever be published anywhere, but I felt that it was important that I share this information with other affected patients, as well as with any physicians and researchers who might visit our website.

Due to personal concerns, I won’t share the amount of gadolinium found in my tissue here.  However, the published researcher who did the testing said, “The concentration of Gd in the tissue is significantly elevated relative to normal ‘background’ tissues”.  “Based on the simultaneous analysis of other rare earth elements, it is clear that this does reflect Gd from a unique Gd-rich source consistent with Gd-based contrast agents.”  Part of my thyroid gland was removed in June of 2014 – 51 months after my 5th dose of a gadolinium-based contrast agent. (more…)

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