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Ideas on getting a Gadolinium Urine Test

I did Genova Diagnostics through my local Health and Wellness Dr. But there is a web  site that I would not be afraid to use because of the way the process works.

The Dr. just gives me a box with everything necessary including instructions for how to do it and how to FedEx it in with a prepaid FedEx label.


Advice for newly identified Gadolinium Toxicity

The idea that we may have Gadolinium Toxicity from a contrast MRI was news to all of us at one time, and most of us got rather panic stricken once we looked into Gadolinium and possibilities of NSF.  And we all are suffering in one way or the other, but we are getting through each day.  I had 8 contrast MRIs, and it has apparently affected my nerves as I have been diagnosed with Small Fiber Neuropathy, causing manageable pain in many parts of my body.  I am 67 and I walked 2 miles this AM, went to the gym for a couple hours yesterday, biked 10 miles on Saturday and played golf on Friday.  So life is good in spite of the negative effects of Gadolinium in me.

So what should you do. if anything.

1. Be calm. (more…)

High Early Urine Test Result

While a test result of 36 mcg Gd/24-hours would be indeed one of the highest we have seen, it  is not out of line with the other results reported on in the Retention Study. Look at the graphs and you will see that it is in line for tests in the 5 weeks after contrast infusion. The reason we may be surprised is that it is rare for someone to have a Urine test for Gd only a month after having the contrast MRI.  The reason may be that the symptoms are slow to develop or just that they do not figure out the connection between the symptoms and the MRI for along time period.

The small number of test results that We have in that time frame are of roughly the same magnitude.  And the other test results indicate that the number will come down very quickly.  None of this means that the result of 36 mcg Gd/24-hours is not serious and high.  It is, and the patient should take the action that they feel most comfortable with.  Unfortunately there are no pat answers or we would not be still looking.  The prime reason we collected and reported on the urine tests is so that we would have some factual test results by time-frame after the contrast MRI that people could compare with their results in their decision-making process.

To make this personal, I did not find out about my high Gd levels until 10 months after last contrast MRI and the result was about 1.0.  I expect that I would have had a result at least as high as 36 if I had a urine test one month after the MRI.

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