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Ideas on getting a Gadolinium Urine Test

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I did Genova Diagnostics through my local Health and Wellness Dr. But there is a web  site that I would not be afraid to use because of the way the process works.

The Dr. just gives me a box with everything necessary including instructions for how to do it and how to FedEx it in with a prepaid FedEx label.

You collect for 24 hours specifically as described in the instructions, then using nitril gloves provided, use the supplied squeeze dropper to put urine in the two supplied sample tubes. You place the tubes in a provided > biohazard pouch. Label everything properly including the start and end times, and the volume. Put it back in the box and put it in another provided biohazard bag with the mailing label and take it to the nearest FedEx shipping location.

You just want to keep in refrigerator during collection and then ship quickly as possible after you are finished. I would note the days you can ship to them so they can process. It takes about two weeks to get the results, and they provide two copies in color, one for the doctor and one for the patient with test explanations for anything that is out of range.

So I would guess the web service will simply mail you your copy. I would do the Comprehensive Elements rather than just the Toxic Elements, although both contain the Gadolinium. The comprehensive just also includes good things like iron, copper, zinc, etc.

The web site charges $192 and I only had to pay $109, but I paid it directly to Genova, where you will likely pay the web site and they will pay Genova Diagnostics.

Here is the link:>

By the way, they do some reporting in mcg (microgram) per g of Creatinine and some reporting in mcg Gd per 24 hour sample. They produce different “numbers”.  I have figured out how to calculate one measurement to the other. and Genova says the limit is .019 mcg Gd/24 hours. Mayo says the limit is 0.4 per 24 hours. If you ever wanted to get the Mayo test it would be best to order your Genova test as “per 24 hour sample” so it would be comparable to the Mayo result.

Also, the Mayo test is a possibility. I forced the same doctor to order it (I have not been to Mayo) and he actually did it at Mayo through Quest Diagnostics. But I had to do all the digging. Here is a link to getting the test conducted at Mayo. Note that they only do it on Wednesday’s


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