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A Perspective on Gadolinium Toxicity and NSF

As you read more of the published articles about NSF, GBCAs and gadolinium, you will find a lot of confusing and at times conflicting information.  One thing I realized while doing my research is that it is important to consider when the article was published.  It wasn’t until 2006 that the connection was made between NSF and GBCAs, and as time has gone on some of what was said in the earlier articles has been further evaluated which resulted in new facts emerging.


Advice for newly identified Gadolinium Toxicity

The idea that we may have Gadolinium Toxicity from a contrast MRI was news to all of us at one time, and most of us got rather panic stricken once we looked into Gadolinium and possibilities of NSF.  And we all are suffering in one way or the other, but we are getting through each day.  I had 8 contrast MRIs, and it has apparently affected my nerves as I have been diagnosed with Small Fiber Neuropathy, causing manageable pain in many parts of my body.  I am 67 and I walked 2 miles this AM, went to the gym for a couple hours yesterday, biked 10 miles on Saturday and played golf on Friday.  So life is good in spite of the negative effects of Gadolinium in me.

So what should you do. if anything.

1. Be calm. (more…)

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